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Since the beginning of May, Portugal has been back in business for film and photo productions, and so have we.
The lockdown rules have been eased off and Southwest Productions is back up and running, ready to shoot.

Here, in Portugal, the curve has peaked and flattened. We are amongst the few European countries to have come out on top from the pandemic. The authorities in Portugal can, now, issue filming permits for all public locations.

The protocol being enforced for pro ductions is now as follows:

  • No limit on the size of crew & team
  • Person-to-person distancing to be kept at 2m/6feet
  • PPE, such as masks, are to be used primarily in confined spaces but, gloves, medical gowns & face-shields are also to be considered for specific situations (make-up, hair styling and wardrobe dressing where the 2m distancing rule can not be applied)
  • Monitoring of body temperature upon crew’s arrival on set
  • Sanitizing routines of commonly shared spaces (WCs, water dispensers, catering sites, wardrobe & make-up motorhomes, etc)
  • Transportation: reduction to 2/3 of normal allowance (in a 9-seat van 6 people, in a 5-seat car 3 people and so on)
  • Readily available alcohol gel
  • Individually packed meals for catering, craft service reduced to water in individual water bottles and fruits with peel to be removed (bananas, citric fruits, etc)


Remote shooting

Remote shooting is available on request. We can provide on set and off-set monitoring solutions from the camera feed to your office so you can track your production from any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world and with very low latency.

We can provide strong proxy directors and 1st assistant directors ready to call “action”, ready to mediate and be your eyes and ears on set.

We are currently pitching and prepping shoots for Germany, Sweden and Holland for the upcoming months.
Please, don’t hesitate to write or give us a call.


Stay safe,

Staffan Tranæus, E.P .

About Southwest Productions

We are a production service company in Lisbon serving clients from all over the world for their filming in Portugal and beyond.

It all started rather modestly back in 1993, when we were asked by friends to help out on music video shoots. From there it grew and over the years we've worked on countless commercials and music videos as well as being involved in the production of TV series, documentaries, short and feature films, and organizing stills shoots.

We can therefore say with some confidence that we have the experience, the knowledge and the network required to deliver a smooth-running production for the most demanding directors. That's our commitment!

Our production teams and technical crews are multi-lingual, experienced and close-knit. Our approach is positive and calm but efficient; we leave no stone unturned to achieve excellence. And we do it with a smile because we love what we do.

“Check, double-check and then check again” – that’s the mantra that our team members are taught to always bear in mind.

With offices in Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro we also provide our services in neighbouring Spain and across the south Atlantic in Brazil.

Welcome to SouthWest Productions for all your filming in Portugal... and beyond!

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Clients, Partners & Friends


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Filming in Portugal

Portugal offers fantastic locations, easy access, and the capacity to "double" as many other countries. From the rugged wilderness of the northeastern corner through the mountain landscapes in the center and down to the rolling plains of the Alentejo and the cliff-backed beaches of the Algarve, Portugal never ceases to surprise with its astounding variety.

All this is bordered to the west and the south by a long coastline that offers some of Europe's most beautiful beaches – endless open stretches or secluded coves – as well as dramatic coastal cliffs rising above the foaming Atlantic. The country is dotted with little towns and villages and its major cities mix history and tradition with the new and ultra-modern. With one of Europe's mildest and sunniest climates the film season never really ends – and the country's location at the southwestern edge of Europe gives the light here a quality all its own.

Portugal's multicultural population is a great casting resource. The film crews are hard-working and professional. Several equipment rental houses provide the latest and most up-to-date choice of camera, grip and lighting equipment. The choice of specialized equipment such as helicopter rigs, stabilized heads, low loaders, tracking vehicles etc. has increased tremendously over the years and we rarely have to go across the border to Spain for this type of equipment any longer. Various post-production houses insure that any immediate post-production issues can be dealt with just hours after a wrap.

All of the above, plus Portugal possibly being Western Europe’s most film-budget friendly country, add up to a great reason to get in touch with us and make Portugal your next film destination. We’re here to satisfy all your needs and make sure your production is successful and pleasant – from the very first contact to leaving with everything you wanted on the hard-drive.

Let us take care of your filming in Portugal... and beyond!

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Some facts about Portugal

  • The continental coastline is 943 km; the total coastline – including the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira - is 1,793 km.
  • Portugal is amongst the sunniest areas in Europe with around 2500-3200 hours of sunshine a year.
  • The Alqueva lake, about 2 hours drive from Lisbon, is with its 250 square kilometers the largest man-made lake in Europe.
  • Portugal has five major rivers, the Douro, the Tagus, the Minho, the Guadiana and the Mondego.
  • The Vasco da Gama Bridge spanning the Tagus River in Lisbon is Europe’s longest bridge at 17.2 km.
  • Average hotel room price in Portugal in 2014 was €87, compared to €101 in Spain, €117 in the Netherlands, €122 in Italy, €127 in the US and €129 in the UK.
  • Salaries are also lower; the average salary in Portugal is 56% of that in Spain, 40% of that in France, 36% of that in the UK and 22% of that in Norway.
  • Half of the “New World” once belonged to Portugal. In 1494, The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed which essencially gave Portugal a large part of the world, including Brazil and parts of Africa and Asia. The Portuguese Empire was one of the longest-lived colonial powers, lasting for almost six centuries from when Ceuta was captured in 1415, until Macau was handed over to China in 1999.
  • Lisbon is older than Rome. Around four centuries older to be precise. It is in fact the second oldest European capital after Athens. Many historians believe that it was settled by the Phoenicians around 1200BC, who used the excellent transport possibilities offered by the River Tagus.
  • Portuguese is the eighth most spoken language in the world. With approximately 200 million native speakers and 240 million total speakers, it is usually listed as the most spoken language after Mandarin, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Bengali.
  • SouthWest Productions is your production service company in Portugal for all your filming requirements.
  • We have been filming for 23 years in Portugal.

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