Welcome to SouthWest Productions.

We are a service production company serving clients from all over the world for their shoots in Portugal.

It all started rather modestly back in 1993, when we were asked by friends to help out on music video shoots. From there it grew and over the years we've worked on countless commercials and music videos as well as being involved in the production of TV series, documentaries, short and feature films, and organizing photo shoots.

We can therefore say with some confidence that we have the experience, the knowledge and the network required to deliver a smooth-running production for the most demanding directors.

That's our commitment.

Portugal offers fantastic locations, easy access, and the capacity to "double" as many other countries. From the rugged wilderness of the northeastern corner through the mountain landscapes in the center and down to the rolling plains of the Alentejo and the cliff-backed beaches of the Algarve, Portugal never ceases to surprise with its astounding variety.

All this is bordered to the west and the south by a coastline that offers some of Europe's most beautiful beaches – endless open stretches or secluded coves – as well as dramatic coastal cliffs rising above the foaming Atlantic. The country is dotted with little towns and villages and its major cities mix history and tradition with the new and ultra-modern. With one of Europe's mildest and sunniest climates the film season never really ends – and the country's location at the southwestern edge of Europe gives the light here a quality all its own.

Portugal's multicultural population is a great casting resource. The film crews are hard-working and professional. Several equipment rental houses provide the latest and most up-to-date choice of camera, grip and lighting equipment. The choice of specialized equipment such as helicopter rigs, stabilized heads, low loaders, tracking vehicles etc. has increased tremendously over the years and we no longer have to go across the border to Spain for this type of equipment. Two film labs and various post-production houses working 24/7 insure that processing and scanning as well as further post-production can be done just hours after a wrap.

All of the above, plus Portugal possibly being Western Europe’s most film-budget friendly country, add up to a great reason to get in touch with us and make Portugal your next film destination. We’re here to satisfy all your needs and make sure your production is successful and pleasant – from the very first contact to leaving with everything you wanted in the can.